Along with our 385 miles of pipelines, Clearfork’s assets include nine downstream interconnects offering access to major market hubs, including Henry Hub, Houston Ship Channel/Katy, Carthage, Columbia Gulf Mainline, Perryville and Agua Dulce (via TETCO and NGPL). Our system’s nine physical residue gas interconnects with major pipeline systems include: Acadian Gas, Gulf South, ETC Tiger Pipeline, Line CP, Regency Intrastate Gas (RIGs), EnLink LIG, TETCO and NGPL.

Our Haynesville midstream assets are comprised of two separate systems:

  • The Holly System services producers in Caddo, De Soto and Red River parishes in Northwestern Louisiana.
  • The Shelby System services producers in East Texas with operations in Nacogdoches, San Augustine and Shelby counties.

In 2022 we initiated several optimization projects on our Holly System that have upgraded service and allow our operations to run more efficiently for existing customers.   We completed construction on an additional 400 MMcfd of treating capacity and over 10,000 horsepower of compression in North Louisiana at the Holly 3 and Holly 6 facilities. With these major capital projects now in service, Clearfork’s Holly System has capacity to gather and treat approximately 1.25 Bcf/d of natural gas. 

In addition to capacity expansions, the installation of new pipelines is expanding our gathering footprint across the North Louisiana core. The recently completed eastside 14-mile, 24-inch diameter pipeline grows Clearfork’s system to east Red River Parish and serves customers targeting the stacked pay of the Haynesville and Bossier. On the west side, the company’s new 8-mile, 16-inch diameter pipeline gathers gas from the Spring Ridge area of Caddo Parish and will connect to a new in-construction 12-mile, 10-inch diameter gathering lateral that will extend Clearfork’s gathering capacity across southwestern Caddo Parish, Louisiana, into Panola County, Texas.

These system-wide improvements bring total gathering and treating capacity of Clearfork’s combined Holly and Shelby Systems in the Haynesville and Shelby Trough to approximately 1.65 Bcf/d.

Map of Clearfork Operations