ESG Commitment

Our business is one of treating and transporting natural gas from wellhead to downstream users. As a major part of running and managing our business, Clearfork management believes strongly in protecting the environment that we all share, using proven technologies and best practices. 

We take pride in running our company in a socially responsible manner and demonstrating our commitment to transparency in the governance of our company. We will not waver in our legal and moral responsibilities. We will constantly maintain an open line of communication with our investors, potentially bringing to light “late-breaking” information that has not been thoroughly investigated and where questions remain—all in the spirit of a collaborative relationship. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all methodology; rather, we embrace a fit-for-purpose approach to Operational Excellence driving efficiencies across all aspects of the business, continually, including the environmental and social responsibility aspects of our business. 

We believe our business, and how we run it, should not only benefit our employees, customers and other stakeholders, but its benefits can and should help the broader overall community. Quite simply – we will do things “the right way” in all communities and areas where we operate.