Our Values

Clearfork Midstream’s management team and our operations personnel work and live under a strong set of values. Safety and Service come first. We are also human-centered, opportunistic and transparent. We are entrepreneurs at heart. It’s in our DNA. We decisively execute. We operate with an Abundance Mentality. If we find ourselves in a fixed-pie situation, we must redefine the problem statement and take a different approach to solve the issue. 

We Are

  • We are a group of diverse individuals who assume positive intent in each other while we live and work together as family.
  • We recognize individual effort while purposely pursuing collaborative teamwork.
  • We seek first to understand, whether with individual needs or situational challenges, and respond with empathy and without evasion. 

We Operate

  • We maintain an open line of communication with our team members, our customers, and our investors.
  • We build and maintain trust through honesty, candor, and probity with all. 
  • We admit mistakes, take full responsibility for our actions, and hold ourselves and each other accountable.

We Cultivate

  • We provide abundant opportunities for our people to learn, grow, and lead.
  • We encourage curiosity, model humility, work ethically, and demand integrity. 
  • We model, teach, and mentor success.

We Execute

  • We are entrepreneurs who directly challenge a changing industry while providing impeccable service to our customers. 
  • We think strategically, act boldly, and execute efficiently to create value for our stakeholders. 
  • We live with an abundance mentality, knowing there is always enough to go around. 

We Embody

  • We take care of ourselves, our teammates, and our customers.
  • We will do everything safely, or we won’t do it at all, regardless of the potential upside.
  • We do things the right way for our team, customers, and environment in every community in which we operate.